Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jon Lamb Unveils New Work

Artist: Jon Lamb
Title: "Twenty Ten"
Series: Miami NYE 2009
Technique/Medium: Giclee
Size: 12" x 21.5"
Stock: 210 gram textured fine art paper
Printer: Like Minded Productions
Press: Stylus 9880
Press Operator: Jonathan Lamb
Signed: Yes
Numbered: Yes
Edition: 75
Mock Show Cost: $30
Post Show Cost w/ shipping: $40
Anecdotes/Inspiration behind the work: Well I thought about Scot Campbell's NYE poster from the Madison Square Garden reunion concert, and it had a lunar pod returning to Earth. I took it to symbolize Phish returning to everyone. I think
now that we have them back, its time for blast off.

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