Friday, December 11, 2009

Franky Scaglione Unveils New Work

Artist: Franky Scaglione
Title: Magic City Binge
Series: NYE 2009, First Edition
Technique/Medium: Screenprint (graphite > pen/ink > vectors > screenprint
Size: 18" x 24"
Colors: 4 Colours
Stock: French Pop-Tone, 100# Black Licorice
Signed: Yes
Numbered: Yes
Edition: 175
APs: 12 printed on 100# Metallic Cobalt
Mock Show Cost: $25
Post-Show Cost w/ shipping: $37
Post-Show Availability:
Anecdotes/Inspiration: Paying homage to the cult-classic television series
of the eighties,* Magic City Binge* honours the synthesis of music and
visual presence that both Miami Vice and Phish exhibit. Miami icons
Scarface and Sgt. Larvell Jones (Police Academy Miami) join the scene for
this epic four-run celebration in the Magic City.

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