Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Aunt & Uncle Ebeneezer Unveil New Releases

Artists: Aunt & Uncle Ebeneezer
Series: A Lullaby the Breezes Whisper
Technique/Medium: Love/Spraypaint/Acrylic
Size: Varying (see edition info)
Colors: Aqua, Pinks, yellow, purple, black
Stock: Canvas
Signed: yes / magnets - no
Numbered: no - unique
Edition: small canvas magnets - 35
large canvas magnets - 30
6" x 12" canvas - 12
12" x 12" canvas - 1
Cost: small canvas magnets - $5
large canvas magnets - $10
6" x 12" canvas - $20
14" x 14" canvas - $60

"Without a doubt New Years Eve is the Phishiest of holidays. With all due respect to the joyful rituals of summer sheds & festivals, indoor nuttiness in cool and cold weather, Halloween & Thanksgiving runs, etc., it is NYE where the celebration of a Phish show is most in alignment with the culture at large. Party time! And NYE 2009 couldn't be more exciting. It marks a return to a favorite 2.0 site, the second 4 night run in 6 months and the conclusion of the year Phish returned to life. It's been an incredibly fun year and we look forward to wrapping it up in style in Miami."

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