Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mock Show Artists Poll

Mock Show Artists were asked three questions:

(1) What’s your favorite work?
(2) If you weren’t an artist what would you be?
(3) Where do you see yourself and your art going?

Here’s how some of them answered…

Isadora Bullock

1. One of my recent favorites is a lino print commemorating the Tower Jam from IT. I had wanted to put that experience into a poster format since it happened and really enjoyed trying to interpret the sound and show into one image.

2. If I weren't an artist I would be a toymaker.

3. I have a lot of ideas for new projects that exist outside of the Phish realm at the moment, but its hard not to keep making new prints when they are playing so many shows.

Tim Ripley

1. My latest work is my favorite piece at any time.

2. An architect. I've always been fascinated by architecture and building things.

3. I see myself creating paintings that are a bit more "out there". I also expect to be creating more and more block prints and screen prints in the future.

Joshua Jacobs

1. For me, my Beatles work stands out. This is work that really opened the doors for me to be more than a graphic designer for corporate america. This was the first time someone had commissioned me to do some work annd was my first real organic design project and put me on the map as an artist. I will sets of this Beatles work for sale at the Mock Show.

2. I was actually signed up to go to culinary school but switched to art school at the last minute. I look to cook.

3. I am trying to push the fine art side of my career, but love branding and marketing so much I hope to be able to continue doing shows like this while working towards being an art director.

Uncle Ebeneezer

1. Any time someone says they enjoy what we've done, that is the highest honor someone can bestow. We hold deep admiration for Jim Pollock's talent and the inspired creativity of all the artists involved.

2. If we weren't artists we'd be a just a couple of people making art. Actually, that's what we are.

3. I see ourselves and our art going to Shoreline and the Gorge after Red Rocks. And wherever this Halloween festival takes us as well. Maybe Miami for New Years. We're gonna keep on having fun and hope you do as well.

Michael Ortiz

1. I like em all.

2. If I weren't an artist what would I be... Insane!

3. I see my art going in and out of the hands of interesting people

Lindsey Kuhn

1. The poster i just finished... Because it is done!

2. If I weren't an artists I'd be an astronaut.

3. I see my art going as far as it will go.

Jonathan Lamb

1. My favorite piece I have created is our "No Anunciar!" installation. It was not only our largest installation to date, but it was at Andenken Gallery in Denver. A gallery that Like Minded has been trying to show at for several years. So it really felt like accomplishing one of our longer term goals.

2. If I wasn't an artist, I would be a ski guide.

3. I see myself and Like Minded Productions growing into the music festival scene and into underground galleries in the larger urban areas of this country.

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