Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Erin Cadigan's Latest Summer Tour Creations

Kali Summer Tour 09
Behind her is the dates and cities of entire tour. She is crushing a sedan instead of Shiva. She'd rather be "phishing". She has her backstagepass and her floor bracelet. She's wearing a crystal wrap by SUR. She has this summers ticket stubs with Fenway front and center. She wears a skirt of dead fish. At her feet are Mayan DMT toads. These were often depicted with canoes on their tounges representing the psychedlic trip to the underworld; these toads have cars, trucks and buses.

This is a limited edition run of 100. #'s 1-50 are gone. The first 7 were gold paper with black. The next 13 were pearlized paper with black. The last 80 are a red version on fine art paper.

Signed and Numbered

Summer 09 Shirt: "Goddess"
In her hands she holds a ticket, a nugget & hotel keys. She's looking for a ticket and has a steering wheel and a crystal. Her eyes are blind but she can see through her third eye due to the tab on her tounge.

She holds the Helping Friendly Book or Book of Life in her lap and the DNA double helix is being formed by music notes going into her ears. She is assending to the next phase with the help of the disks around her head : Aliens, Pyramids, 7th Chakra, Age of Aquarius, Quetzicotal. She has contact with the road. Behind - forming out of a double spiral mandela - are fish, turning into lizards, turning into mockingbirds, who fly off to Mount Icculus.

The front is a quote by Beethoven.

These shirts come in both men and womes styles and sizes.

Completely organic, sweatshop free, printed in certified green print shop.

Tanks or Short Sleeves = $25
Long Sleeve = $30

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